Research & development

Innovation is a key driver throughout the various R&D organizations within the Bosal Group. The drive for innovation pushes the boundaries in materials, packaging, weight-saving and emission reductions, while cost efficiency remains a major driver for the customer.

For exhaust systems, the R&D centre is located in Lummen, Belgium with satellite facilities in Ypsilanti, Michigan USA, Pretoria in South Africa and Gebze in Turkey. Towbar systems product development is located in Markgröningen in Germany with satellite facilities in Made in the Netherlands, Kecsksemét in Hungary, Reims in France and Pretoria in South Africa.

Product development for roofbars is located in Paris, France. Toolkits and jacks in São Paulo, Brazil, Kecsksemét in Hungary and Pretoria South Africa. Product development for cabins is located in Randers, Denmark.

Through the global spread of R&D facilities, Bosal is able to localise global programs more efficiently and deliver customers needs for a larger range of products and technologies.